Free Network Marketing Leads 

Free network marketing leads are available; you just need to learn how to get them to come to you.

Want to learn the one KEY skill that will allow you to generate ENDLESS floods of prospects and customers right to your doorstep?

Well if you're like most network marketers the answer is a resounding, YES.

The skill I'm referring to is the ability to create your own Brand of "" (where "Me" is replaced by your name or brand).

I can't stress the importance enough of generating your own leads and customers. This skill will allow you to break free from the lead generation companies, making you truly independent.

So what goes into a site of


Create a site that converts the knowledge that you have into “high-quality, in-demand” content which gives readers more than they expect. And you do it in a way that conveys experience and wisdom.

Every other Network Marketer is promoting their generic company replicated website. So you will instantly set yourself apart from the crowd.

Free Network Marketing Leads

If you're still promoting your company replicated website then you are doing this backwards.

Mainly because your company site doesn't promote you, they promote the company. The whole idea here is to promote you and sell yourself.

These company pages are not effective in the least.

How many times have you seen a company replicated webpage before? Are you sick of them yet? Well so is everyone else.

These pages also lack your "personal experience and knowledge"; many people will feel as though you are hiding behind a website.

The ability to generate your own free network marketing leads will save you or even make you a ton of money. Once you start generating your own leads you can stop wasting your valuable money on those deadbeat purchased leads.

While generating your own, you can even make money off the leads that told you "no". Could you ever do that with some purchased phone leads?

So, if you want to have true long term success and have the ability to generate endless leads and customers then you MUST start making your own content on your own website.

Your content site is designed to do one thing, provide solutions.

The great thing about having effective content pages in place is that they will work for you day and night.

You could be on vacation for 3 weeks and still be generating leads.

Providing valuable, useful information in the form of content is your main goal.

You'll also want to keep in mind what we are trying to accomplish with our content pages.

You are looking to SOLVE THE PROBLEMS of other network marketers, if that’s your target market.

For your product customer, you're trying to solve a problem they are searching for whether it be weight loss or better health.

Give them information; let the content pre-sell them on why your product is best for them.

Matter of fact, there is no need to “sell” (i.e. cold call, prospect, private business receptions) when you can motivate prospects to “buy” (i.e. people are looking for what you have and they will call you to learn more).

That’s the wonder in being a solution provider instead of forcing yourself on others.

Serve others through your knowledge and you will have free network marketing leads for the life of your business.

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