Don't Advertise First If You Want
A Sustainable Business

In networkmarketing, it doesn't matter what product or service you are selling, if you don’t own your own traffic, you do not have a sustainable business.  

The objective and function of a brand is to create a sustainable business by producing your own traffic through the branding of your “” website.


In essence, we are the company, the brand, the advertising agency and the PR firm all wrapped up in one.

So it is extremely important that we understand what roles that we play in the publicity that we generate, and understand and recognize what the procedure is.  

If the process is not executed correctly, not only do we stand to loose thousands of dollars, but most importantly, we could lose our credibility. 

And the strategy here is to develop our brand through strategic planning of the utilization of publicity first, then advertising.

Traditionally, in order to get people to purchase new products or services, you would first spend hundreds to thousands of dollars advertising through print, online, or tv.

You would do this in hopes of gaining sales and making a profit.

The problem with advertising is that you are not in control. The traffic that you are receiving is not your own.

With advertising, you are paying to be where people are and you are physically seeking them out. You go where people are and try to sell them on an idea or product. 

This strategy can be very wasteful and costly. If you don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to invest in order to maintain your efforts, then you will have very limited success.

Not only that, but advertising the way that it is suggested by other networkmarketing insiders, puts you in a cycle of...

...$pend Money--> Make Money--> $pend Money-->  Make Money--> $pend money--> Make Money... 

...that never ends.

I say wasteful because advertising takes a lot of money, now a days, to get people to see your ads.

And less than 1/2 of 1% even buy as a result of seeing an ad.

With so many advertisements infiltrating our day, we have become bombarded with ad paraphernalia. And as a result, we only tune into things that pertain to our specific needs and wants.  

Advertising is not about, or should not be about, return on investment. It should be about maintaining a brand once it is established in the prospects' minds.

It should be viewed more along the lines of insurance as a use it as it is needed verses a means to build a brand.

Advertising is to remind consumers that you own that position in their mind, not to create a position.

"The best  advertising programs have an 'I knew that before, but I'm glad you reminded me' quality." 

-The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR

When you are in the developmental stages of brand building, your efforts should be focused more on getting publicity through sources of public relations and self promotion, rather than advertising.

Advertising is only a temporary means to building a business in the beginning. It is an initial boost in traffic to your "" site. It is only sustainable if you continue to spend money to maintain it.

You maintain a successful brand, once it has been built through public relations first, through advertising and not before.

Our objective here is to show you how to take control of your business by becoming a powerful brand of one in networkmarketing.

Where you are your own traffic source that you control, and not let advertising, and the cost to advertise, control you.

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