Internet and Network Marketing Brand Building,
Publicity Comes Before Advertising

In internet and network marketing brand building, you should not use advertising as a basis to build a brand.

This site is not to discourage advertising. By no means is advertising a bad idea when it comes to making money online.

There are hundreds of cases where people have made millions through advertising and there will be hundreds more to come.

What my position on advertising is, is that...

...You are building a business out of order if you are advertising before you have built a successful brand.

Advertising should not come first, it should be something that is done last.

Advertising is to maintain the position that you have created in the minds of your prospects and customers, that reminds them of the position that you already hold.

You prospects should say, to your internet and network marketing advertisement,

“Oh yeah, I know who that person is. I read about their product/service in such-n-such magazine or on such-n-such site."


"I saw them on such-n-such videos.”


“What is this ad about? I wonder if it really works. How can this product help me?”

When people see your ad, they should already know who you are and what you have to offer.

That is why it is important to build a reputation through public relations as a leader first before you advertise.

Once you become an internet and network marketing brand that they recognize, then advertising is a means to maintain your brand.

It is to remind people that you are the leader of a category, that you created by the way, and that you are the best because you are the leader.

Becoming the leader in a category happens when you create your own category.

Not only does creating your own category position you as the leader, it also gives the perception that you are the best, that you are "the expert".

Something that no amount of money, thrown into advertising, can do. 

Perception is nine tenths of internet and network marketing branding law.

internet and network marketing

Perceptions are created in the mind, not by the dollar.

And the way to get your prospects to perceive you as the leader is to create something new and promote it through public relations.

Advertising does not create a brand, brands are created by getting into peoples’ minds and attaching a name to a category. 

So much so that the brand name becomes the generic name for the category.

Example, Kleenex is the generic name for a hand tissue.

If not the generic name, the name that is used to compare two similar things in a category to.

For instance, when you want a luxury car, you compare all others to a Mercedes.

Why, because Mercedes has captured and owns the category of “luxury car” brand in the mind. 

You want your brand to invoke, “The best in the category of _____” or a brand to an attribute, in the mind.

Within a category, your brand is what you want others to compare to. You never want to have to compare your brand to someone else’s.

Brands are what you get known for, what position that you hold in your prospect’s mind.

And what you get known for must be a category that is new because, no one ever remembers number two.

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