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What's Your Passion?

With online network marketing, publicity supersedes advertising. So in order for you to get the attention you want you must first give information that people need and are looking for.

But, the publicity that you are trying to gain cannot and will not yield all that you expect if it is not first given with love.

And finding what you love to do or have a passion for, for it is the first step in becoming the person that can attract what it is that you want.

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Your work shines when people can sense that you really enjoy what it is that you do. 

That passion resonates and influences others through your words and your interactions with them.

You gain publicity through your knowledge of how to solve problems. And the problems that you solve have to either deliver them from pain or deliver a result that they are seeking.

An example of delivering from pain could be that they want to loose weight or get out of debt.

Delivering a result may be giving information on how to become a better poker player or how to gain more customers.

That has to be the basis of your online network marketing business in order to get the publicity that delivers profits.

You have to first give the information that they want and as a result, you get what you want.

Let us explore what it is that you love to do and how can you share that love or passion with others.

But before we get into how to get what you want, we must begin with a little soul searching and find what it is that you can first give. 

Zig Ziglar says it best...

So, let's begin the process of getting to know who you are as a brand to get people to like you.

But, before you begin to brand anything or get publicity, you must know your product from the inside out, and 360 degrees around.

And in this case, you are your product, your brand and business is you.

Because if you don’t know you, which is your brand of “”, you won’t have the conviction to “offer” people what it is that you have to offer. (remember, we don’t sell, we let people purchase through education and relationships)

Now that we have those questions asked, let us dig a little deeper and find out more about your brand and how to answer these and other pertinent questions...>>>>

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