MLM Training,
How Do You Relate To Your
Target Audience?

Utilizing your previous experience or you mlm training, how can you solve a problem differently than anybody else?

Some of those differences may be how you relate to people.

How you convey your knowledge in a relate-able way differently than anyone else that has ever done it?

Can you relate to them because you too are a:

  • Stay at home mom
  • Person with two jobs
  • No money
  • Realtor
  • Salesperson
  • A lot of chidren
  • No time
  • Are you old
  • Working parent
  • Person with no job
  • Lots of money
  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • No children
  • A lot of time
  • Young or under 21

What can single you out as a person that understands them and their life and/or lifestyle?

You have to give solutions with a "me too" flair that resonates with people on a level that they feel you really understand what they are looking for.

You gain publicity by writing to your target market with solutions to the problems that you solve. And your brand becomes what problem you get known for solving.

How do you know what people want?

If you know your brand, you know or have an idea about the problems that people are having because you yourself have had them.

And if you can’t think of any, go looking around on the internet and find a problem that a lot of people seem to have.

You can use Twitter, Facebook, or forums, in the industry that you are passionate about, to see the discussions people are having and what questions are being posed.

Use what you know and provide people with answers. And if you don’t have an immediate answer, go find it yourself and teach it to others.

Use your mlm training to become a solutions provider.

You must become the expert.

You build your brand by building your reputation by the publicity that you get for solving this particular problem.

You must become the brand of one that says,"I know how to solve this problem, and if you follow me, I will lead you to successfully fixing whatever you feel is broken.

And, if you don’t know exactly what is broken, I can show you that which you don’t know, and fix that which you now know is broken."

This is the beginning of building a relationship with the people that you come in contact with.

But, before you begin this relationship building process, you must first know and formulate a plan of action that you want to accomplish with the information that you are willing to provide.

You need to know what people are searching for.

So step one in getting people to buy products or services from you is to know who you want to cater to.

What it takes for you to build a list of people that are interested in hearing from you and or doing business with you.

The first step is to find your niche...>>>>

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