Network Marketing Businesses,
Positioning Is Key

Network marketing businesses are built when you become a brand of "".

And up to that point, your goal is to get into your prospect's mind and cement yourself as the leader in a category that you own and have created.

This is done by positioning yourself through the publicity that you gain through the use of public relations.

Publicity is the result of taking what you know and creating information on that topic and sending it out into the world so that people can find you.

You should present your solutions in a way that positions you as a resource for people and creates top of the mind awareness as to who they should purchase from once they are ready to physically do something about their problems.

Your "" website should educate people on solving their problems in a way that is unique and different than anything else out currently.

It's about building your brand so that you establish yourself in the mind of your prospect. 

That is why advertising is so detrimental when you are building your network marketing businesses.

Because when you advertise first, you have not earned a position in your prospect's mind. You have not built up a reputation in your target market as being a leader.

Publicity through advertising never works because people never believe advertisements.

Your publicity should come from articles that you write, interactions on your target market's forums, social networking sites, and any other means that allows you to interact with prospects in a manner that would perceive you as being an expert.

network marketing businesses

As you are building this following through online media, you want to make sure that you are promoting your new category and not yourself.

All your interactions should be about what this new category can do to help them solve their problems.

Your brand is there to be the face of this new solution and not the new solution itself.

Your marketing should expose their problems in an informative way and then should point to your site or your brand as a means for the solution.

It should not promote your brand or your site as a means to solve a problem first.

Take my site for instance. As I promote my brand, I only promote my solutions. I answer questions on blogs and forums with the information that I have developed solutions to.

I tell them if they would like to learn more about the solutions to the problem that they would like to solve, they can go to my "" site to learn more.

I never go into a forum where I just post about my product or service in hopes that people click on my link. When you do it that way, that is called advertising. 

You want your prospects to feel that you are serving them, not the other way around.

As you are building your network marketing businesses, you have to go into this industry with the mentality that you are here to serve people with your products or services.

And the way that you show people that you are here to help them is by providing information for them. 

You are then able to get into their minds through this information where people get to know, like and trust you and perceive you as the expert.

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