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Don't Build Your Niche Without It

Building your brand all starts by having the right network marketing software at your disposal.

A vital tool that you should have is one that has the ability to provide everything that you need in order to build a profitable brand of "" without extra added cost.

Not only should this software have the ability to help you craft your new niche with research resources, it should help you to save time and money by providing everything that you need in one handy location for easy, seamless access.

With having such a powerful tool at our disposal, let's look at how we can use it in the steps to creating our brand:

Step 1...

Pick three niches you want to go into based on you passions. Think of a a general category or sub-category that you can attach yourself to. 

Step 2...

Do a keyword research, with your network marketing software, to search for the best keyword that will provide the greatest publicity.

If that category is too big and has too much demand, say for instance the category of  health, look for sub-categories that have less demand and choose three from a sub-topic.

Make sure that the keyword is not too broad and not too narrow. It has to be broad enough that there is enough demand however, it cannot be to big or you will have a very tough time getting the publicity that you want.

On the other end of the spectrum, your keyword can not be too narrow or it won't have enough prospects to support it.

network marketing software

“…What category can we create? Does the new category have any publicity value? And what angle can we use to motivate prospects to prefer this new category?...”

–Fall Of Advertising & The Rise Of PR

Step 3...

Once you have found your perfect keyword with your network marketing software tool, begin thinking of how you can generate publicity within that category with you own new category.

Can you take a general or sub-category and make it unique?

To continue from the previous page about niche discovery, how can you make this category unique yet relate-able to your target market?

Your difference maybe in the way that you relay your message or present your product or service.

  • Are you funny in a serious industry? Do you know how to teach people how to do something that is hard, easier?
  • Have you found a way to explain something that wasn't apparent before? Do you know how to win at something that was thought to be impossible?
  • Do you have a perspective that can relate to certain types of people?Can you relate to people who are shy? Over achievers? 
  • Under achievers? Work-a-holics? Lazy people? Depressed? People who are analytical? Techies? Star-Trekkies? Scared folks, nervous folks? People who eat a lot? Don't eat enough?

How can you relate to your target market that creates a new niche?

Continue here to Step 4...>>>>

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