Social Network-Marketing is all about ""

Social network-marketing is all about ""


"" is you as your brand, and your knowledge of what they want, as your business. Not your products, services, or opportunity.

It is your information, your training, your personality, your creativity. You and all that you know and are.

The energy that you put forth, the character that you are, your perspective on life, is what your business should be.

You…the way that you solve people’s problems, the way that you interact with people in the act of servitude, the relationships that you build with people,  and the value that you provide to the world through your giving back of that knowledge you have attained. This is the commodity that you can trade in exchange for money. 

But first, you must offer this knowledge up in a manner that does not ask or expects anything in return; you must give without want.

The bigger the value that you provide to the world, the more money that you can command from it.

How can you build value?

  • Solve a problem that others may have
  • Give information on a topic that people are interested in
  • Learn something new and teach it to others
  • Serve people through your knowledge

And the list can go on, but you see my point.

If people think that you are a resource and not a liability, then you don’t have to worry about attrition. They will stick with you because you have given, and continue to give, and serve them through your information in your website, blog, and or emails.

That is the business that we unknowingly signed up for when we became a network marketer, and that is a business that, unless you die, no one can take that away from you.

When you brand yourself, people begin to know, trust, and like you. They then become followers of your information. Once they become hooked on your knowledge, you assemble a list of these people.

Your main goal is to have these people on your list of business so that you can maintain a relationship with them through phone, email, mail, and/or social networking.

This now then becomes your company and the people who are on your list become your assets. You have 100% ownership in this list. This list is the core of your business.

Stop building their business, whatever network marketing company that you are a part of, and build an enterprise of your own.

You build success in this network-marketing industry by building your brand of “” and the knowledge that you share with those who need the information you have to offer. 

Then you let your network marketing company or your products become a small department of your company.

That’s how you build a network marketing business the right way.


Your product needs to be YOU, not your business opportunity or your network marketing merchandise. 

If your affiliate company goes out of business tomorrow, doesn’t matter because people are following you, not your association with that company.

Google changes the rule for advertising and excludes you and your business, doesn’t matter because people are following you, and if you build a business the way it is outlined on this site, Google advertising won’t be a factor in your business anyway.

No matter what outside forces happens around your business, as long as the relationship with your list is intact, NOTHING Else Matters!

This is the secret to longevity and success in the network marketing industry, Relationships.

So how do you begin to build a list of willing followers so that you can begin building that relationship?>>>>

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