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Advertising to Build a List Can Be Dangerous For Your Wallet

Building your network marketing list by advertising first can be very expensive and very risky to you wallet.

network marketing list

Not only that, by advertising first you:

  1. Have to maintain what you have built through advertising by advertising.
  2. If you stop advertising you have no business.
  3. You credibility is at the mercy of people who have tried you products before they knew who you were.
  4. If someone else comes along with a similar product, you will have competition.
  5. You are competing with what is already on the market, you are not establishing yourself as a leader in your own category.
  6. You have not built a foundation where people get to know and like you first.
  7. You have not built trust with your prospects.
  8. You spend your money building someone else’s business by paying them to advertise to their people in hopes that some of them become yours.
  9. You are competing on the premise of “mine is better”, and when you do you risk the chance of losing customers if another product comes along that they perceive to be better. Your customer will be off and on to the next product.
  10. It costs a big portion of your profits in order to keep your traffic flowing. Which leads to making less money than you would have if you had your own steady stream of traffic that you personally built.
  11. Because people are bombarded with ads everyday, ads are ignored. Which means that those you want to see your pitch, tune out when they see them.

So when you advertise first to build your network marketing list, Yes, you will get some results. But... relation to how many times an ad was shown or how many people actually came across your ad, it is fraction of 1% that will actually purchase as a result of seeing it.

And it takes seeing an ad an average of four times before they even click on it.

Wouldn't it be more economical if people would just find you? 

If you want short term success that lasts as long as your advertising dollars, by all means continue to advertise out of place.

But, if you want a sustainable business that will be around long after your initial launch wears off, then you must brand yourself into the minds of your prospects.

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