Network Marketing Training,
Publicity That Will Get You Leads

This network marketing training dictates that In order to get the publicity that will ultimately get you leads for your business, you must: 

1.       Know who you are and what you are passionate about

2.       Know what problems people are having

3.    Know where people are searching for solutions

4.       Provide content that recognizes their problems and provide                    solutions of WHAT to do

5.       Build relationships with these people through that information by            becoming a brand that they can trust

6.    Recommend sources of HOW to do it

Network Marketing Training

How can you solve a problem that people are searching for solutions to?

If you want to know what people want, you must go where they are looking for answers to. The search engine is the perfect place to find out what people are searching for.

People may not know exactly WHO can help them to solve their problems but they depend on the search engines to find information about how to get a problem solved. 

Your goal is to find a problem that a lot of people are having, find where people are searching for the solutions to these problems, and place yourself in that space as an expert resource. 

You do this by using search engine software that digs into the internet and returns with information that reveals  what they are searching for.

Once you have this information, you begin to provide information in the form of high-valued content to these people by optimizing your information to their particular needs through what the results have found that they are looking for.

This is what you get publicity for, your information; your ability to communicate the fact that you can solve their problems.

Branding is all about solving people’s problems in a way that is unique and different than anything else out there in the market place.  

And the different way that you solve their problem becomes your new category or your unique niche.

What can you offer someone with a problem that has not been offered before?

Or, can you offer the same solution in a way that has not been offered before?

Does your network marketing training or knowledge put a different perspective on solving a particular problem?

How can you solve a problem that people are searching for answers to, differently than anyone else?

Network Marketing Training

Let us take a look at the answer to this question...>>>>

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