Use Direct Sales Software If
You Are Already in a
Network Marketing Business

You utilize your direct sales software the same way that you would use network marketing or social network marketing software.

Even though you are already a part of a network marketing company, you still have to create your own brand of “” within that business.

What keyword can you attach yourself to, to get noticed by the public.

Here is a quick example of what can be done if you already have a product or service that you promote:

If your affiliated company has a product or service that you love and use, make up a new category about it.

If the product has helped you in some kind of way by solving a problem that you had, use that experience as your basis for creating a new niche featuring this product.

For instance, you are an affiliate of a greeting card company, and you use to be an insurance agent.

Your new category could be referral cards for insurance agents.

You use your direct sales software to research and locate a general category that you can go into that fits within your demand profile, say for an example insurance sales tools.

You also use this tool to research to see if anyone else has created this category. 

If not, then you have yourself a new niche.

You would then go on to write about the benefits of sending referral cards. 

The information on your site would consist of examples of:

  • what kinds of cards to send, 
  • when to send them, 
  • whom to send them to,
  • what the card should say,
  • what the card should look like,
  • what success you have had using them,  
  • and any other pertinent information that would help someone achieve success with sending them...

... all based on your experience.

Or, if you don't have all the information, you can find out by researching more on the topic and writing about what you have found.

You become the expert in insurance referral card sending, the new category that you create becomes insurance referral cards, and your brand name becomes whatever you name your website.

You promote your new category through public relations and your brand becomes synonymous with this new category in which you created.

Building a brand from scratch or re-branding an existing product or service is based on the same formula:

Passion +  Experience + Knowledge +

Research + New Category +

Content + Publicity =


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