The Best Network Marketing Leads
Are Your Own 

....These are NOT the best network marketing leads. 

Simply put, they may have absolutely no clue what network marketing even is. Mainly they have filled out a form saying they want more information about generating income from home.

How are you going to call one of these leads to pitch them on your company when they don't have the slightest clue what you are talking about?

Are you going to try to convince them?

Of course not, because then you would be a salesman or woman.

Trust me, these leads are a waste of time, I know from experience.

Then who should you be targeting?

Well, if you've studied Mike Dillard's course, Magnetic Sponsoring, then you know that your real target market is other network marketers.

Best Network Marketing Leads

These ARE the best network marketing leads. The reason being is that you're looking for people who have already made an investment in something similar to yours.

You should focus on these people for a few reasons:

  • They will take action, and they will make the decisions that need to be made. These are the people screaming, "I'm ready" instead of "What if." 
  • They are completely sold on the idea and the business model of Network Marketing.  
  • They have already shown their commitment to success by buying courses to get educated on the industry.

You are looking for network marketers/direct sellers that are searching for ways to improve their businesses. 

Now that you know what your target market is for your products and your biz. 

You'll want to know that your target market isn't looking for your opportunity. They probably already have one, so don't go around advertising your biz. 

Same goes for your products. Putting up ads trying to just sell your products won't work for the most part. If it was that easy, the company wouldn't need you. Think about it.

People are searching for solutions...

Look at it this way. If I was looking to lose weight I would search for the answer or the solution to my weight problems. I had no idea that I would eventually buy a bottle of pills or something else. 

Our goal is to sell them a solution to their problem through education, to solve other people’s problems with your solutions.

Don’t offer a solution before you even know what their problem is.

I hope that, that makes sense to you because it is the key to sponsoring tons of people and selling more product than you ever thought possible.

Once you embrace this secret, you will have people tracking you down, not the other way around.

So for a second let us think about what other network marketers are searching for. What are their problems?

What solutions are they trying to find?

Well, in a broad scope, network marketers are looking for useful information that will teach them how to build their business successfully.

The same goes for your products... 

If I'm searching for a way to lose weight, I'm going to want some extremely useful information about weight gain. 

What if you could provide valuable information to build trust then sell the product as a recommendation?

Do you think that would increase your sales? Rather than just telling everyone, "My product will help you lose 129.43 pounds in 19 days." 

What good is professing that your product does that if the person that sees it only wants to loose 10 pounds in 20 days?

People don't care about that stuff, people want their own solutions, and how is it going to benefit them? Not generic advertisements. You don’t know their problem well enough to just go around offering solutions. 

Provide them with information that has the solution that they are looking for. Educate your prospects on the benefits of your products as a means to solving their problem.

Just remember, people don’t like to be sold, they like to buy. So you need to make every effort to give them reasons to...

....Do this and they will become the best network marketing leads that will have the greatest chance of buying from you.

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