Network Marketing MLM Leads,
Who Is Your Market?

To acquire your network marketing mlm leads, do you know who your target audience is?

Do you know who you're REALLY supposed to be marketing to? Half of all networkers don't have a clue who their real market is, the other half, that does know, probably isn't utilizing it effectively.

So do you know who you are REALLY supposed to be marketing to?

Today will decide if you make a full time income or a hobby income... trust me when it comes to income you don't want it to just be a hobby.

Find out right now...

If you target the wrong group of people your business will start to fail rapidly.

Let's discuss the two things you MUST know when it comes to your target market:

  1. Target Market for your products 
  2. Target Market for your opportunity

I don't care what you sell or market, you should be looking for people who have ALREADY put out money to buy something similar to what you're offering.

This may seem a little too easy or maybe even dumb at first, but it will skyrocket your business when you embrace it.

To start off I'm going to talk about the target market for your products.


Remember, it doesn't matter what you sell or market, you should be looking for people who have ALREADY forked over money to buy something similar to what you are offering.

After saying the importance, I think you can probably figure out what your real target market is for your products.

If you're selling a nutritional product, you should be searching for people already buying supplements looking to try something new. So you're looking for people that take multivitamins, supplements, liquid vitamins, etc.

If you're selling something that has to do with weight loss then market to people who've already purchased weight loss pills or have taken Slimfast.

These people are your target audience for your leads list.

Network Marketing MLM Leads

Now that you know your target market for your products I'm going to discuss your opportunities market. You've probably been told to go out and buy some opportunity seeker leads and work them.

Who hasn't?

But if you're actually using this strategy then I wish you luck. I have to say you will lose more than you'll gain, and I can say that with 99.99 confidence.

Here's why...

What do you really think these network marketing mlm leads are?

Well I'll let you know if you don't already, opportunity seeker leads are generic.

What does that mean?

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