MLM Leads,
How to Get Them Now

"Jacqueline, I know that I must brand myself first. But, how do I get mlm leads to bring more reps into my business starting today?"

Well the question really has a simple answer, but I'm going to break it down into three parts.

This site is about how to brand yourself in order to get your own targeted traffic.

One of the main points that this site is about is how the process of branding should be your goal to genrate your own leads.

Publicity through information first, then advertising second.

But, I know that some people may be anxious to get started with generating leads now.

For those that are looking for an immediate lead source, I have outlined a few techniques to get you started.

MLM Leads

If you follow the right way of ding things from the start, your experience in this industry will be much more pleasant.

In all honesty you are going to have to learn some new skills, but that is all part of your personal development.

If you didn't know this industry is that of personal development, you do now.

To sponsor more reps right now I'm going to break the process down into three parts. 

You need to generate more leads, qualify those leads, and then close those leads.

First, you need to generate more leads.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without leads your business will sit in idle mode while life passes you by. So if you're going to sponsor more reps today, then you need more leads yesterday.

It's really that simple; if you generate more leads your chances of success are far greater.

You must first build a brand of "", but if you must continue on with this immediate process, here is what you can do:

So how are you going to generate them?

Well you really have two options: 

     A.  You can either buy them;

     B.  Or, you can generate your own.

I use to be a big fan of the first one myself, I did start off with option A. when I was just getting started in network marketing.

The problem I see with purchasing leads is that more of the leads are generic. This means they are general business opportunity leads.

They may have no idea what the heck network marketing even is.

For most of us it's very hard to cold call other people that truly have no idea what it really is we’re talking about.

So if you don't buy your leads then you must generate your own.

I'm a big fan of generating your own leads for three reasons.

  • First, you know where they came from and you know exactly what they are inquiring about.

I definitely talk to different leads in different ways depending on how they came into my system.

  • Second, they are YOURS. These leads signed into your opt-in, saw your ad, etc., so they want what you have. 

You don't have to ask them if they want an opportunity, obviously they do already.

  • Third, you can generate free leads if done correctly. That is the main reason why I enjoy generating my own leads because most of the time they are free. 

So how are you going to generate these free mlm leads?

Well the easiest way to get free leads is by advertising. You can advertise in ezines, google adwords, press releases, etc. 

But don't forget, publicity first, advertising second, if you want this industry to be good to you.

You're going to have to learn some new skills in order to advertise effectively.

I would recommend a great video done by one of my mentors that will show you how he generated over six thousand leads in a single month.

The free video is available through the opt-in newsletter.

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